Wash and Fold

Choice of several premium detergents, along w/ complimentary fabric softener & dryer sheets; special requests like hang drying honored; plus, your clothing is never washed w/other customers’ clothes. All work is not outsourced and is done on our premises. Same day service is available and we are now featuring the new Tide Pod, Gain Fling and Seventh Generation Natural Pack, which gives you’re clothes that extra clean sparkle.

Our Wash and Fold laundry service is not only about putting your clothes through washers/dryers and flipping on the switch. The main reason why we opened our doors in the first place was to offer a different and exceptional kind of Wash and Fold service to the public.

For example, you might not be aware that most cleaners in Manhattan that offer wash and fold service actually process clothes in a factory in Queens or Brooklyn using large, high-capacity washing machines. While you might not see this as an issue immediately, here is the problem: Your clothes are actually put inside mesh bags and washed in the same machine with other people’s dirty clothes! Moreover, these industrial-sized machines perform only a mediocre job cleaning your clothes.

On the contrary, the Todd Layne Cleaners laundromat facility is located on the Upper East Side and is equipped with brand new Speed Queen washers and dryers. These state-of-the-art machines are computer controlled for longer, more effective wash cycles and temperature controlled for drying that won’t damage or shrink your clothes. We will never put your clothes in mesh bags, nor will we ever mix your clothes with that of other customers. This not only prevents effective cleaning, but is unsanitary from our perspective.

For our Wash and Fold service, we use only the finest detergents, fabric softener, and color-safe bleach. You have a choice of several premium detergents, including Tide and Seventh Generation natural soap. There is no extra charge for fabric softener or color-safe bleach, and we honor special requests including hang dry, delicate cycle, low heat settings, and separate washes. Lastly, your satisfaction is always guaranteed.

If you have ever been reluctant to try wash and fold before, we’re certain you will be impressed by the great care and attention we give to your garments.

As an added bonus, ask for a TLC Loyalty Card and get one wash and fold order free (maximum 20 pounds) after doing ten washes with us.

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  1. Martha Benyamine August 20, 2009

    I’m very interested on all your services but, having budget awareness I need your price list. Please, also include leather, tuxedo and all dry cleaning prices.

  2. Lily Mercado September 2, 2009

    How much is your basic wash , dry and fold for laundry services. I live in upper east side, and is the delivery free? Thank you.

  3. TLC September 11, 2009

    Wash & Fold is $1.29 per pound with your choice of detergent, fabric softener, and bleach. We process some items, such as bath mats, blankets, and comforters, differently. Please let us know if you have any of these types of items. Pickup and delivery is free!

  4. TLC September 11, 2009

    Please visit one of our locations for a complete list of prices. Thanks for your inquiry!

  5. Judy Abramson November 28, 2009

    Can you schedule a pick-up time? No dooorman and visitors using apartment not always around. Also, can laundry be left in secure drop box in lobby of building?

  6. TLC November 28, 2009

    It may be possible to do so, but please give us a call so we may go over some details. Thank you!

  7. MDP November 29, 2009

    What do you suggest for Jeans? What do you do in terms of shoe repair (men’s). What prices?

  8. TLC November 30, 2009

    We suggest dry cleaning for jeans (to prevent any change in shape) or wash cold with no fabric softener and air dry.
    We do all kinds of work on shoes. Please call one of our locations for more detailed information with regard to pricing and turnaround time.
    Thanks very much!

  9. Ethel January 20, 2010

    I noticed that you said bath towels are a different price than regular wash and fold. Could you tell me the price if I was to drop off 12 bath towels and some hand towels as well?

  10. TLC January 22, 2010

    Bath towels and hand towels are processed by pound. Please call us at one of our locations for more information. Thanks!

  11. JDS April 3, 2010

    Do you supply laundry bags, or do I need to provide my own?

  12. TLC April 5, 2010

    If you do not have a laundry bag we will be able to provide one for you. Please call the location closest to you for more information. Thanks very much!

  13. Cleaners Leeds July 21, 2011

    Hi, thanks so much to share with me here. Really a nice discussion is provided by you here. Keep up such great work.

  14. Carmeb September 5, 2011

    What are the detergents/fabric softeners are available for wash/dry?

  15. TLC September 22, 2011

    Some of the most popular soaps and softeners include Tide, All, Era, Arm and Hammer, Seventh Generation, Downy, Bounce and Swavitel. Thanks for your question.

  16. Marie Curran February 2, 2012

    Can I have my pants & shirts hung on hangers after there washed ??

  17. TLC February 3, 2012

    Yes, we can provide that service for you. There would be a cost of 25 cents per item.



  18. Lori April 27, 2012

    Good job

  19. phyllis lorusso September 13, 2012

    i am very interested in working at a wash and fold. am a very good worker love the work. have experience. please e-mail me if interested. need job very badly

  20. TLC September 13, 2012

    Please send your resume to: jobs@toddlaynecleaners.com

  21. Lorenzo September 14, 2012

    Amazing experience

  22. EB October 2, 2012

    Hi! I’d like to have a lot of my fiancee’s clothes cleaned as a surprise while she is away ( and I mean a LOT ), but in sorting it I have noticed that a lot of the pieces are hand wash only, dry clean only, or come with myriad other institutions. Do you hand wash clothes and do you pay attention to the recommendations for each item? I would hate to ruin something of hers.

  23. TLC October 3, 2012

    Hi, Thanks for your question. For our Wash & Fold service, we offer many choices, like soap, softener, water/dryer temperature and the ability to hang dry. In terms of sorting, separate your dry clean only items in a separate bag and we can use our Green Dry Cleaning for those items. Unfortunately, garments that say hand wash only should really be washed at home in a sink or tub with Woolite and placed flat to dry. All other wash garments can be bagged and we will take care of the rest. Feel free to call us for additional information.

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